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Laser Derm and Wellness Centre in Red Deer, Alberta, offers medical and cosmetic treatments such as Botox, Natural Juvederm Fillers, Laser Hair Removal, Weight Loss with the Zerona Fat Removal Laser, and a wide array of dermatological treatments for Acne and other facial imperfections. As an affiliate of Hair Loss Control Clinic, we offer clients a program that can help with thinning hair, damaged hair, scalp conditions and more. Laser Derm also offers Latisse – the only product approved by Health Canada for eyelash growth – and many more cosmetic services for aesthetic solutions, enhancement or improvement.

Simple everyday life and activity places great stress and strain on the human body and, over time, our aging bodies may need a little extra help in maintaining health, and to sustain, restore and optimize balance and well being.

How you age is, of course, a matter of personal choice but many more people are realizing that cosmetic anti-aging procedures are not just about simple vanity or self-admiration. Correcting problems on the outside can have a positive impact on the way you feel on the inside. Most patients view cosmetic improvement as an investment for their self-esteem and self-confidence.

We provide our patients with professional treatment plans at affordable prices in the kind of elegant and serene ambiance you usually only find at a day spa. However, you will soon see that with the very latest equipment and technology, and the attention to detail of Laser Derm & Wellness Centre treatments, the services we provide far surpass those commonly available at a typical spa or salon. We invite you to visit the clinic and experience the difference as we help you achieve the results you have been looking for.

Please Note: Wherever possible, the before and after pictures featured on the site are of patients treated at Laser Derm and Wellness Centre. All photos are untouched and presented as when they were photographed and are used with patients’ express permission. Unlike most clinics similar to Laser Derm, we prefer not to use stock-photographs of patients supplied by product and equipment manufacturers.

Aesthetic Medical Clinic in Red Deer, Alberta an accredited non-hospital surgical facility.